Hydrostatic Transmission
Drivable Simulator


The MF500 is designed for instructors who want to teach hydrostatic transmission and steering systems from basic concepts to advanced applications and troubleshooting with the same components found in popular front-end loaders, but without the safety hazards and physical limitations of operating a loaded, faulty skidsteer in a shop full of students. And while industrial skidsteers are designed for one occupant, the simulation software allows you to have students gather around to see real-time symptoms of faults as you drive the simulator through a variety of scenarios. The MF500 is also available with the optional MF500-IS-TSE Hydraulic Implement and Articulated Steering System Module.

For those who only need to teach the fundamentals and are short on space and/or funds, we recommend the MF300-VCLS.

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Key Features

  • Hydrostatic Transmission
    • Sauer Danfoss (other transmission on request)
    • Tandem pump setup (one to drive each side)
    • 20gpm pump (limited to 8gpm for safety)
    • Proportional drive
    • Electronic control (joystick or touchscreen)
    • Operates up to 1900 psi
    • Safe-T-Bleed System
    • Industry-standard lockout devices
  • Hydraulic Implement and Steering System Module (optional)
    • Loadable (70 gallon water tank)
    • Electro-hydraulic control
    • Integrated cylinder rebuild station
    • Pressure compensated Pump
    • Bladder-type accumulator
    • Operates up to 2000psi
    • Safe-T-Bleed System
    • Sectional type directional control valve (2 working sections, inlet and outlet)
    • Orbitrol Steering Valve
    • Two Single rod cylinders for steering
    • Two single rod cylinders for lift
    • Two single rod cylinders for rollback

Available Faults

  • Pumps
  • Motors
  • Joystick controllers
  • Displacement controllers
  • Increase/discharge case pressure
  • All steering system components can be faulted

Learning Activities

  • Pump and/or motor installation procedures
  • Pump and/or motor pre-start checks and adjustments
  • Pump and/or motor start-up checks and adjustments
  • How to set charge pressure relief valves on systems with and without hot oil shuttle valves
  • How to set main pressure relief valves and pressure over-ride valves
  • How to perform null adjustments on electronic displace-ment control valves
  • How and where to check pump and motor case pressures
  • How to perform mechanical adjustments on electronic and mechanical displacement control valves
  • How to perform *diagnostic procedures on a hydrostatic transmission system

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