Hydrostatic Transmission + Hydraulic Steering


The MF300 is an extremely versatile 2-in-1 training system designed for teaching and learning hydraulic steering and hydrostatic transmissions. The optional troubleshooting package makes it possible, at the flick-of-a-switch, to cause components to wear out.

This is a great option for people who need to teach the basic concepts behind hydrostatic transmission and steering systems, but are short on funds and/or space. You can fault everything in the steering system, but only the pump can be faulted on the transmission end of the trainer. For those who want more faults and a system that more closely matches what is found in industry, we recommend the MF500-HT-TSE.

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The front-end has a fully-functional hydraulic steering system that is identical to those found on articulated machines such as front-end loaders. The rear-end features a fully-functional hydrostatic (hydraulic) transmission identical to those in skid-steer type loaders and many other types of industrial and mobile machinery.

Key Features

  • Hydrostatic Transmission
    • One 2.5 gpm pump (faultable)
    • Cutaway pump synchronized with actual pump
    • Manually controlled (Hand Lever)
    • Two flow meters (Bi-directional)
    • Two Drive Motors
  • Steering System (all components can be faulted)
    • Two single-rod cylinders
    • Steering valve
    • Pump
    • Pressure relief valve
    • Crossport relief valve
    • Priority Flow Divider

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