Driveability Electronics

The MD-4000 Modular automotive electrical and electronics trainer is versatile and adaptable to meet many program’s electrical/electronic training needs. In order to help customers know what this trainer can do, ConsuLab has created kits for the following: In addition, add-on or expansion kits are available for each of these so schools can easily expand and adapt their kits to cover additional topics.

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Educational Advantages

  • Can be used for teaching basic Ohm’s law or circuits used in driveability systems
  • Self-contained unit has a protected built-in adjustable power supply and holds up to 16 different Moduponents®
  • Includes 15 different Moduponents® from the entire MD-4000 series
  • Uses industry standard schematic s ymbols
  • Can assist you in the instruction of many tasks in area A6 and others of the ASE Education Foundation (NATEF)


  • Protected with removable metal cover
  • Adjustable and protected power supply (2-14VDC)
  • Moduponent® attachment rails allow up to 16 individual Moduponents®

List of MD-4000-23 Moduponents®

  • 52958  CL-1011A Desktop Moduponent® Case
  • 52320  CL-1012-03 Set of 26 jumper leads
  • 53061  MD-4000 DC Power Supply
  • 53074  MD-4001 Pulse Width Modulator
  • 53095  MD-4002 5V Output (Regulator)
  • 53068  MD-4040 12VDC 5-pin ISO Relay
  • 53072  MD-4050 Variable Reluctance Sensor
  • 53071  MD-4051 Hall Effect Sensor
  • 53067  MD-4052 ECT thermistor
  • 53085  MD-4053 MAP sensor
  • 53082  MD-4054 TP Sensor
  • 53079  MD-4055 Piezo Knock Sensor
  • 53132  MD-4057 Magnetic Resistive (2-wire ABS) Sensor
  • 53083  MD-4112 Stepper Motor
  • 53134  MD-4114 Solenoid
  • 53133  MD-4120 Injector
  • 53076  MD-4141 Optical sensors (3)

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