The EM-200-22 EVAP trainer is designed as a functional evaporative emissions system based on a Chevrolet Cobalt platform. It can be used to teach the operational functions of a typical evaporative emission system. It also has the capability of demonstrating the cause and effect of having a small and/or large system leak. Students are able to visualize the components of the system and can hookup test equipment to learn how system leaks will affect performance. The fuel tank contains an internal lamp heater for demonstration of internal pressure changes. Requires a 12 VDC power supply to operate.

Educational Advantages

  • Provides visualization of a typical EVAP system operation without vehicle access restrictions
  • Using manual control valves, both 0.020” and 0.040” leaks can be created and evaluated
  • Includes test points for DVOM hookup
  • Includes a fuel tank heater for pressure change demonstrations
  • Includes an adjustable PWM command (0-100%) feature for the Purge Solenoid


  • Functional fuel tank with OEM fuel cap
  • Built-in internal fuel tank heater with control switch
  • Includes the following OEM parts:
    – Purge solenoid valve
    – Vent solenoid valve
    – Tank Pressure Sensor
    – Charcoal Canister
    – EVAP Pressure test port for “smoke testing”
    – Fuel Cap
  • Electrical test points for:
    – Purge solenoid valve
    – Vent solenoid valve
    – Tank Pressure Sensor
  • Control switch for vent solenoid valve
  • Adjustable PWM (pulse width modulated- 0-100%) control for purge solenoid valve
  • Manual control valves for creating .020” and .040” leaks
  • It can be stored on the EM-200-09 stand or in the EM-200-10 storage cabinet