Tesla Model 3 Training System

The EV-601-TS_053322 ALL EV iDEV training car by ConsuLab is not just a training aid, it’s an actual Tesla Model 3 training car visually displayed for maximum learning! All major components are identified in their actual location, most have been exposed (cutaway) in a way that is not possible on an operating vehicle, this helps attain a better understanding of their internal components and workings. And since the Model 3 represents over 60% of all EVs on the road today, this is a great place to start your students EV diagnostic journey.  

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  • Visual identification of BEV components
  • Volt-meters and ammeters located at several key components
  • LED strips indicate paths of electrical energy and coolant flow
  • Location of security loops for emergency response personnel
  • Functional electric park brake
  • Functional electric-assist power steering
  • Infotainment screen allows functionality
  • How to enter and exit the vehicle without keys
  • Testing of components with an insulation tester
  • CAN Bus communication


  • Safety is maximized and emphasized as there is no DC high voltage present on this trainer.
  • Rear floor above the motor/inverter unit
  • Penthouse cover removed/cutaway and protected by Plexiglas
  • Motor/inverter cutaways showing 3-phase power into the motor, cooling passages, rotor,
  • stator, and inverter.
  • Includes complete curriculum developed by our team with over 40 hours of student activities
  • The product is a standard Tesla Model 3 unibody, without the following: the hood, trunk, doors, front fenders, roof, windscreen, rear glass, high voltage battery cells. It does contain the following: headlights, taillights, and all exterior lights, battery case


  • Tesla Model 3 unibody

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