A/C Trainer with Orifice Tube

The Consulab EM-2000-OT Air Conditioning trainer is a complete A/C system with unique features designed to enhance the instruction of air conditioning physics. The trainer uses the orifice tube design of refrigerant flow control. The trainer uses common automotive components and can be used in both classroom and shop environments. The trainer utilizes a hermetically sealed and internally protected compressor.

Educational Advantages

  • Clear sight glasses at the orifice tube, condenser and evaporator allow demonstration and observation of the refrigerant change of state, which reinforces vapor/liquid physics..
  • Two rows of LED’s that help in viewing refrigerant flow in condenser and evaporator which allow for clearer viewing of refrigerant flow.
  • High and Low side pressure gauges and OEM R134a service ports provide real-world diagnostic opportunities. A/C recycling/recovery machines and manifold gauges can be installed on the trainer.
  • Clear accumulator equipped with an internal light to show refrigerant operation and change of state.
  • Digital thermometers located at the inlet and outlet of both evaporator and condenser allow students to observe complete A/C system operation. (Thermometers can be controlled [on/off] by instructors).
  • In-line ball valves allow creation of system restrictions or blockages on high and low sides.
  • Various A/C system symptoms can be created and demonstrated.
  • Magnetic component identification labels and refrigerant flow direction arrows for student learning/testing objectives.

Main Features

  • Clear sight glasses at the orifice tube, condenser (3) and evaporator (3). Sight glasses located at the inlet, mid-way and outlet of both evaporator and condenser to show refrigerant change of state.
  • Orifice tube system.
  • Hermetically sealed piston type compressor with oil reservoir.
  • Cycling switch bypass toggle switch.
  • High and low-side A/C pressure gauges.
  • A/C compressor has manual starter with internal thermal protection.
  • High pressure (300psi) safety switch shuts off compressor.
  • Adjustable 3-speed evaporator (1) and condenser (2) fans.
  • OEM R134a service ports.
  • Stainless steel condensate drip pan with drain.
  • Power “ON” indicator light.
  • Removable magnetic component name labels and refrigerant flow direction arrows.
  • Operation and Student assignment manual included.