Residential Plumbing Training System Platform

INNOTEK’s Plumbing Trainers PLMB-200 Training System Platforms provide participants with the necessary hardware and components for installation, connection, and maintenance of various residential plumbing fixtures and devices. This system gives access to onboard components simulating real world installations commonly seen in industrial plumbing environments. The PLMB-200 Series includes 3 different units which can be used individually or connected together for whole house connectivity. The Mobile PLMB-Testing system provides a mobile reservoir, pump, and drain tank for testing installations and connections.

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Provide students with the real-world industry-relevant plumbing skills demanded by national plumbing employers with the PLMB-200 training system.

The PLMB- 200 Training Series includes your choice of 3 Different Training Units which can be used individually or connected together for whole house connectivity.

Utility Room Installation Training System

  1. Water Heater Installation
  2. Water Service/Distribution Installation
  3. Clothes Washer Plumbing and Drain Installation

Bathroom Plumbing Installation Training System

  1. Lavatory Installation
  2. Toilet Installation
  3. Shower Installation

Kitchen Plumbing Installation Training System

  1. Sink Installation
  2. Dishwasher Installation (Simulated)
  3. Garbage Disposal Installation
  4. Ice Maker Supply Installation

Topic Coverage:

  • Plumbing Drawings
  • Piping Types and Sizing
  • Trunk Line and Branch Supplies
  • Drain Waste and Vent Systems
  • Air Chambers for Shock Absorption
  • PVC and CPVC Installations
  • PEX Piping Installation
  • Copper Piping Installation
  • Vanity Sink Fixture Installation
  • Kitchen Sink Fixture Installation
  • Toilet Fixture Installation
  • Tub and Shower Fixtures
  • Pressure Testing

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