Ohm’s Law + DC Circuits

The Ohm’s Law + DC Circuits trainer from ConsuLab is the ultimate workhorse for teaching basic electrical and electronic theory. And thanks to ConsuLab’s partnership with Electude, you’ll be able to track your students’ progress automatically as they work through 35 learning modules with up to 20 hours of student exercises and instructional content. Now available as a Classroom Package.

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Educational Advantages

  • Self-contained package with built-in power supply
  • Student project manual provides learning assignments for circuit construction and understanding
  • Built in DMM for electrical measurements and diagnosis
  • Can be used to assist the instruction of operational theory of electrical/electronic circuits and components
  • Meets many of the Electrical/Electronic tasks for NATEF, Alberta and Red Seal curriculums


Main Features:

  • Requires 120VAC to operate, outputs 2-14VDC (4A max)
  • Panel mounted Digital Readout showing trainer DC voltage
  • Built in DMM (Digital Multi-meter) with accessible external meter fuse
  • Meter is powered by the trainers power supply. (no batteries)
  • Adjustable Pulse Width Modulation control (0-100%)(2KHz)
  • The following electrical components are included:
    ○ 2- #194 Light bulbs (removable)
    ○ 1- #3157 Light bulb (removable)
    ○ 1- LED lamp (removable)
    ○ 1- Buzzer
    ○ 2- Transistors (NPN and PNP)
    ○ 1- Diode
    ○ 1- Motor
    ○ 1- ISO 5-pin relay
    ○ 1- Electronic flasher
    ○ 1- 75ohm Potentiometer
    ○ 5- Resistors (1-2Ω, 2-20Ω, 1-40Ω, 1-100Ω)
    ○ 1- Fuse (removable)
    ○ 1- SPST Toggle switch
    ○ 1- N.O. Push button switch
  • Each component has circuit connection receptacles for jumper wire hookup
  • Included are test jumper wires, power cord and meter test leads
  • A comprehensive users manual that covers basic electricity, Ohm’s Law and circuit construction student activity assignments is included

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