Heavy Vehicle Lighting System Trainer

The ConsuLab HV-1918-1D Double-sided Heavy Vehicle Lighting System Trainer utilizes the “Moduponent™” design feature which allows unlimited expansion capabilities. A Moduponent™ consists of a clear Plexiglas sheet with components, wiring and socket test points attached. The Moduponent™ is attached to the trainer using disconnect fasteners which allows easy adaptation and configuration for different applications.

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Educational Advantages

  • The HV-1918-1D is a complete heavy vehicle lighting system with front, rear, brake, clearance, turn/hazard and backup lights with a 7 wire connector;
  • Meets CSA/UL safety requirements;
  • Most complete heavy vehicle lighting and accessory circuit trainer available;
  • Modular LED lights (except headlights) that match on-highway truck components;
  • Built to train up to four students at a time.




  • Available single sided (52929) or double sided (52930)
  • Manual fault box with 2 faults for the following Front Lights Moduponent™ circuits:
    –  Left headlamp ground circuit,
    –  Left/right headlamp ground circuits;
  • Manual fault box with 10 faults for the following Lighting Switch Controls Moduponent™ circuits:
    –  Headlight switch (2),
    –  Signal flasher (2),
    –  Backup light switch,
    –  Stop light switch,
    –  Ignition switch,
    –  Right turn signal indicator,
    –  Relay No. 3,
    –  Relay No. 4.


  • HV-1918-01 Front Lights Moduponent™ (52924) (2)
  • HV-1918-02 Lighting Switch Controls Moduponent™(52925) (2)
  • HV-1918-03 Rear Lights Moduponent™(52926) (2)
  • HV-1918-08 Clearance Lights (52928) (2)
  • HV-1918-12A Set of 89 jumper leads (52557) (2)
  • Stand with lockable storage box (52438) (1)
  • 12VDC Power Supply (52439) (2)

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