eXtended Reality (XR) Spray Painting Simulator

  • Complements and enrich traditional industrial painting training with higher efficiency and accuracy.
  • High costs of mistakes, borne by the company or customers, can be drastically reduced with a small investment in focused & intuitive training.
  • A fully immersive Metaverse environment with a clear perception of depth, distance, angles, machine settings, etc.
  • Chroma spray painting simulators are fully customisable & come with analysis tools to enhance learning pre, post and during the painting simulation training.
  • Skillveri’s unique gamified approach makes the learning process fun & competitive, and enables training more students in 1/3rd the time and saves up to 80% ongoing cost of consumables.

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  • Available for Airless, Airspray, Air-assist, & Electrostatic Spray Processes.
  • Specialized lessons for Decorative, Auto-Refinish, Auto-OEM, Protective Coatings
  • 3D Movement Graphs for intuitive and never-before-available insights
  • Find Dry Film Thickness (DFT) using Thickness Map
  • Step-by-step lesson plan – Trigger, Overlap, Distance-Angle-Speed
  • Live, real time feedback
  • Video playback of each student’s practice
  • Detailed reports for analysis
  • Train and assess skills objectively
  • Reduce mistakes and Rework
  • Save on consumables cost
  • Practice till perfection
  • Unique learner centric approach ensures high degree of skill transfer
  • Environment-friendly Training – no VOC

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