eXtended Reality (XR) HVAC training Simulator

Skillveri’s Metaverse & XR technology brings an efficient and effective way for HVAC technicians & mechanics to perfect their skills. The Skillveri training simulator for HVAC repair offers realistic virtual equipment & tools with sound effects and immersive interactions. In addition to a safe and effective mode of learning, it also provides the technicians continuous feedback and assessment, enabling evaluation and tracking of progress over repeated practice.

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The HVAC repair & training simulator comes with two different learning modules – Inspection & Service modules

–  Inspection module

  •  Designed for trainees to examine major parts of various airconditioning devices
  • Select any device and get detailed exploded view of components inside
  • Components view in 3D & 360 degrees.
  • Each part labelled

– AC Service module

  • Simulation featuring range of scenarios likely in daily work
  • Leak testing & fixing
  • Vacuuming AC
  • Refrigerant filling

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