The ConsuLab CL-1902 Electromagnetism trainer is designed for your students to physically demonstrate, test, measure, and experience electromagnetism using a “hands-on” approach to learning. Many aspects of a modern vehicle, whether a car, truck, combustion powered, hybrid or electrically driven, depend on some form of electromagnetism. Demonstrate, visualize and experience hands-on the principles of electromagnetism as applied to modern vehicles. Students will prove their learning through a series of self-paced student exercises and experiments while they practice and demonstrate basic principles of electromagnetism.

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  • The product is designed to be used individually per student
  • Reverse polarity switch and polarity indicators on power supply
  • Configured with 4mm sockets throughout for student circuit construction
  • 22” x 22” (compatible ConsuLab format EM-200 series cabinets)
  • Circuit construction wires (2 red and 2 black jumper wires included)
  • Powered by CSA/UL approved power supply
  • Includes measurement instrumentation:
    • System voltage with analog voltmeter
    • System amperage with analog ammeter
    • Student wired bicolor LEDs for polarity
    • Student wired galvanometer (micro-ammeter) for current direction and strength
  • Includes a compass, magnetic field indicator, 3” bar magnet, 5” ferrous rod and 5” non-ferrous rod


  • All components are protected from electrical damage due to incorrect or short-circuit wiring
  • Robust, student-resistant design


  • Minimal setup time, under 5 minutes to be ready for use
  • Easy to inventory all included components
  • Provided student exercises and experiments guide students through learning process
  • Up to 50+ hours of instructional time depending on individual instructor preferences
  • ALL individual components have a storage place on each trainer

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