ConsuLab has created an intuitive student-led learning system to practice proper non-destructive back-probing of connectors and components while measuring voltages, resistances, and waveform signals using both oscilloscopes and digital multimeters. The tabletop format makes it easy to use and accessible for students to learn. The product includes a simulated ECU, multiple sensors and connectors, and a power supply. Student competency can be measured through instructor-controlled fault scenarios that students then diagnose. This interactive product provides an exciting learning experience for students to practice and perfect their skills. All connectors, terminals and components are field serviceable.

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  • The tabletop design provides easy access for activities while also providing secure storage when not in use.
  • Configured with three different vehicle sensor types allowing voltage and signals access using oscilloscopes and/or digital multimeters. Digital and analog signals/waveforms as well as voltage measurements are possible.
  • Includes different types of electrical connectors configured with both normal and limited access designs to create “real-world” repair activities.
  • A custom ECU provides activities to access and identify voltages and signals by students.
  • Includes nine (9) instructor-led case scenarios for which students must troubleshoot abnormal conditions and identify causes.
  • Provided student exercises and experiments to guide students through the learning process.
  • Up to 25+ hours of instructional time depending on individual instructor preferences.
  • Minimal setup time, under 5 minutes to be ready for use.


  • Self-contained unit. Comes with a storage lid and no removable parts.
  • Internal protection with a reset button for short circuits.
  • Nine instructor-led case scenarios that require student diagnosis.
  • The power supply is fuse protected and includes a “RESET” button to protect all circuits and components from short circuits.
  • Robust, student use resistant design
  • No moving or removable parts.
  • Connectors are field serviceable if replacement is needed. (#CL-1930-PR_053332)

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