DYVO is the next generation of multimeters, designed for automotive circuits and all other 12V systems. It’s fast and easy to use, and finds problems those old meters can’t. Voltage drops, resistance issues, shorts, and opens, DYVO can find it all.

What can dyvo do that your meter can't?

Like other meters, DYVO can test voltage, open circuits, short circuits, and resistance problems. But that’s just the beginning. DYVO also does the following:

Customer reviews

Industry-Proven Results

I had a 2018 Chevy Cruze with a P0302 misfire code. Plugs and coils were new. GM Service Info said to test resistance between coil and ground. I used my Fluke, got 0.7 Ohms, spec was under 5 Ohms, so all good. I then tested with DYVO and it instantly showed a red LED for the ground to the coil. I pulled the harness back and found rodent damage chewed through most of the strands, only leaving a few. I repaired the wire, car runs good with no codes. If not for DYVO, I would have replaced the ECM per GM’s service info and the car would still have the same problem.
Tom W.
Chevy Dealer Tech
I’ve been a tech for almost 20 years. I’m the electrical guy at my shop and I’ve always felt comfortable with circuits and wiring. I didn’t buy a DYVO for the fancy LEDs. I know how to read a multimeter. I bought it because I have a Uscope, Powerprobe, and Snap-on multimeter, and none of them can load test two circuits at the same time. It also has a high impedance mode for testing computer circuits which is nice. I still use the other meters for a few things, but I test almost everything now with only DYVO.
Erik T.
GM Tech
2017 F-250 with a P007B for charge air temp sensor. This code sets when the charge air sensor doesn’t correlate with the intake air temp sensor. Before, I had to either use two multimeters or break out the scope. But using Dyvo was able to see both temp sensors at the same time, and it took less than a minute to connect.
Don S.
Ford Dealer Tech
New Jeep Wrangler came into my bay with a front axle locker fault. I connected DYVO to the hot and ground wires, used a scan tool to command the axle locker, and I got a green lights for both the hot and ground wires so I knew both wires were good and it needed a new locker. Replaced it, and the fault went away. Took me less than 1 minute to diagnose this. Thanks DYVO!
Carl M.
4x4 & More
Every tech at my dealer owns a DYVO and uses it for all their electrical testing. The diag time is cut to next to nothing. It’s replaced the traditional multimeters we once used.
Sean L.
Chrysler Dealer Tech
I was able to diagnose a CAN bus fault in seconds using DYVO. It allowed me to see both CAN circuits at the same time for quick and easy comparison.
Jess P.
First Choice Auto

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