DYVO Classroom Kit

DYVO is the next generation of multimeters, designed for automotive circuits and all other 12V systems. It’s fast and easy to use, and finds problems those old meters can’t. Voltage drops, resistance issues, shorts, and opens, DYVO can find it all. Click here to discover why DYVO is the best way to test, troubleshoot, and diagnose automotive circuits.

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Each of the ten DYVO meters included in the DYVO Classroom Kit comes with:

  • 22′ silicone fused test lead
  • Red battery clamp
  • Black battery clamp
  • 5′ red silicone test lead
  • 5′ black silicone test lead
  • Backprobe pin, red
  • Backprobe pin, black
  • Small alligator clip, red
  • Small alligator clip, black
  • Large alligator clip, red
  • Large alligator clip, black
  • Standard meter probe, red
  • Standard meter probe black
  • Custom cut, removable foam inserts (x2)
  • EVA “Ballistic Nylon” case – Miller Approved

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