DYVO Circuit Defect Trainer

The DYVO Circuit Defect Trainer demystifies electrical problems and allow your students to jump right into electrical testing to build essential skills and confidence right away, rather than getting bogged down in electrical theory, formulas, laws, and rules. The distraction-free design makes it easy for students to get started, and the 36 fault combinations built into every trainer will keep them busy troubleshooting with the included DYVO next generation meter or whatever multimeter you have on hand.

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  • Integrated flat design for a more robust trainer
  • Plaques for easy identification of circuit choices and switches
  • Lockable fault selection box. Allows instructor to select from 36 different fault combinations and can lock students out from seeing or changing faults. Faults include:
    • Battery good or dead
    • Light bulb good or defective
    • Positive circuit: good, high resistance, or open
    • Negative circuit: good, high resistance, or open
  • Scratch-resistance polycarbonate windows
  • Improved high resistance faults making it easier to see when there is high resistance on one or both sides of the circuit
  • Lays flat for testing or can stand up for better visibility during class lectures
  • Easy access for maintenance or replacing components

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