The EM-200-25 Speed and Position Sensors trainer is used to demonstrate the operation, diagnosis and testing of common types of analog and digital speed and position sensors as they operate on a real vehicle. The trainer includes Inductive, Hall-Effect and Magneto-resistive sensors. All sensors are driven by a variable speed electric motor to create different operating conditions. The trainer provides a safe and effective method of demonstrating the operating principles of different types of speed and position sensors used on today’s vehicles.

Educational Advantages

  • Demonstrates full functionality of both analog (passive) and digital (active) speed and position sensors
  • Electronically controlled variable speed drive motor allows sensor operation from zero RPM through both steady and variable speeds
  • Magneto-resistive magnetic strip sensor can detect instant movement of rotation or 0 kph/mph
  • Allows full diagnosis and testing with DVOM and oscilloscope
  • Switches allow the sensor to be disconnected/connected in the circuit for real-world testing purposes.
  • Allows student demonstrations of the operation, diagnosis and testing of:
    • CKP (Crankshaft Position Sensors)
    • CMP (Camshaft Position Sensors)
    • VVT (Variable Valve Timing) sensors
    • ABS Wheel speed sensors (all types)
    • RPM and Vehicle Speed sensors
  • Provides clear visualization of sensors without access limitations of a vehicle

Main Features

  • Radial analog (passive) inductive sensor with adjustable air gap to show effects on operation
  • Digital Hall-Effect sensor
  • Radial and axial digital (active) magneto-resistive sensors (adjustable radial sensor to show effect on operation)
  • Sensor test receptacles for hookup of DVOM and Oscilloscope
  • Equipped with sensor disconnect switches for separate testing of both harness side and/or component side of sensor
  • Trainer has a bench top design that allows clear student visualization of sensor operation, diagnosis and testing
  • Electronically controlled variable speed electric drive motor
  • 120V AC/DC power supply included