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Industrial Education Solutions partners with DAKTIC to bring Western Wheels to the educators they support throughout Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico.
The Western Wheels Conference is hosted by DAKTIC, a team of training solution consultants serving all 11 western states, from Colorado to California.

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COVID Funding Tips

ConsuLab‘s John Bukowski has sorted through mountains of confusing information on COVID-19 relief funds to help transportation instructors throughout Florida gain access and use their share of over $170 BILLION to make a positive impact that will outlive the virus. This session will help you ask the right people the right questions, and give you insight you need to make your case to your administrators.

1 Hour // Funding

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Auto + Heavy Vehicle Industry Roundtable

Tesla, Toyota, Ford, Jaguar Land Rover, Cummins, Hunter, and others gather for a panel discussion designed to help you make your automotive and heavy vehicle students more future-proof.

Vehicles of all makes and sizes are getting more autonomous, more electrified, and “smarter” in so many ways at once that it can be a real challenge for instructors to know where to focus their time and resources. Which skills and technologies are timeless? Which are obsolete? And how can they prepare students to work with what’s next?

1 Hour // Heavy Vehicle + Automotive

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Scenario-Based Diagnostics

Tim Dwyer, a ConsuLab Education Specialist and retired import automotive specialty shop owner with 20 years of experience in education, discusses the value of providing case-study driven training scenarios to prepare students for the diagnostic work flow typical in most shops.

1.5 Hours // A8 – Engine Performance

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Advanced Hydrostatic Transmissions

In this follow up to last year’s Hydrostatic Transmissions session, renowned instructor, inventor, and founder of the Fluid Power Training Institute Rory McLaren dives deeper into advanced techniques for troubleshooting and teaching hydrostatic transmissions.

2 Hours // Mobile Hydraulics

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ADAS + evolving Undercariage needs

Presented by John Shewbridge, a Hunter Engineering Regional Trainer, this session will discuss new alignment issues facing both automotive and HD techs working with modern cars and trucks. He’ll also cover related ADAS calibrations and troubleshooting issues and include some general diagnostic tips as well. John is an ASE Certified Master Collision and Automotive Technician, ASE Blue Seal Member, and Platinum Certified I-CAR Instructor of the Year.

2 Hours // A4 – Suspension and Steering, A5 – Electronics

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Ignition + Fuel Injection

Join Al Santini, a ConsuLab Education Specialist and author with more than 20 years of experience in education, for a fresh look at modern ignition and fuel injection systems.

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Teaching the DSO

Dick Krieger taught automotive service technologies in all disciplines at both the secondary, post-secondary and industrial levels for 35 years and an educational consultant for 14 years before joining the team at ConsuLab. Join him for two hours of insight in how to teach digital storage oscilloscopes so your students can confidently use these invaluable tools.

1.5 Hours // A6 – Electrical + Electronics

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Microleak Testing

MicroLeak testing is the safest, simplest, and quickest way to test pressure control valves, directional control valves, check valves, and cylinders. Join renowned instructor and inventor of MicroLeak testing technology show you how to test 95% of the components in any hydraulic system – mobile or industrial – with the power unit safely locked out.

1 Hour // Mobile Hydraulics

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Diesel Aftertreatment

Diesel aftertreatment systems have gone through a series of significant changes over the last several years, with more on the horizon. Join Jeff Curtis, a ConsuLab Education Specialist with a lifetime of experience in both industry and education, as well as 10 years of leadership in various capacities at NACAT, for a fresh look at how to ensure your students are ready to work with modern aftertreatment systems.

1.5 Hours // T2 – Diesel Engines

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HVAC Thermodynamics

Anthony Williams follows up last year’s session on expanding transportation programs through partnering with science, math, and engineering teachers with a lesson-building workshop on thermodynamics. Attendees will learn how to build a a cross curricular lesson involving R134 refrigerant, and receive a lesson plan outline they can adapt to their own style.

1 Hour // A7 – HEATING + AC, T7 – Heating + AC

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Teaching Hybrid + EV with VR/AR Simulation

Teaching hybrid and electric vehicle technology on real vehicles add a new level of danger and expense to auto tech programs. zSpace CTE Specialist and former heavy vehicle technician Nikki Lester demonstrates how virtual and augmented reality systems provide a safe and cost-effective solution to this problem.

0.5 Hour // L3 – Hybrid/EV

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Accelerated Electrical System Diagnostics

Electrical systems continue to increase in complexity, yet flat-rate diagnostic times haven’t changed. In this session, DYVO Founder Cardell Webster discusses ways to handle this complexity and demonstrates how his next-generation multimeter technology allows you to improve the efficiency of your diagnostic process.

1 Hour // A6 – ELECTRICAL/ELECTRONICS, T6 – Electrical/Electronics

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Introducing Students to Electric Vehicles

Unlike times past, where students could take an engine or transmission apart in the lab and visualize how components work; new instructional tools and strategies are needed to understand electric and hybrid electronic components.  In this session we will discuss the following:

  1. Challenges hybrid and electric vehicle technology presents to both teachers and students.
  2. Strategies for simplifying the complex.
  3. Employing new instructional methods to help students understand invisible and abstract technologies.


1 Hour // L3 – Hybrid/EV

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Western Wheels Rewind

a few of our most popular sessions from 2020 for first-timers

Hybrid/EV Battery Safety

In this rerun from the 2020 conference, Bob McGinn from CCAR covers how you can protect your students (and yourself) when teaching this essential technology. CCAR is the only automotive-focused organization affiliated with both the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

1 Hour // L3 – Hybrid/EV

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In this rerun from the 2020 conference, Rory McLaren of the Fluid Power Training Institute will discuss how to avoid high-pressure injection injuries, and how to ensure this often misunderstood and mistreated injury should be handled to avoid loss of life and limb. If you missed this session last year, you don’t want to miss it again.

1 Hours // Mobile Hydraulics

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A Relay Revolution

In this rerun from the 2020 conference, Dick Krieger from ConsuLab discusses everything from relay basics to new operational designs, testing procedures and service precautions that are required for proper diagnosis. PCB, bistable, GM Hi-Power and other new relay technologies will be covered. Relay technology has dramatically changed in recent years – if you missed this session last year, you don’t want to miss it again.


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Is it Cavitation or Pseudo-Cavitation?

Cavitation has the potential to cause the degradation failure of the entire hydraulic system. It is also the common cause of catastrophic pump failure. In this rerun from our 2020 conference, Rory McLaren of the Fluid Power Training Institute covers how to accurately diagnose and remedy this expensive breakdown in a hydraulic system.

1 Hour // Mobile Hydraulics

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