Virtual Training Simulator

The Virtual Training Simulator from Toolkit is a one-of-a-kind training platform for mobile devices that brings SMC’s hands-on training systems to your fingertips for virtual, hands-on training to take place any time, any where! The SMC Training Systems are made in a one-for-one scale in digital format where students can go through every training exercise and activity, including troubleshooting, in a virtual environment. Get hand-held guidance in a step-by-step manner for each exercise of the physical system, including use of the built-in digital multimeter. Students can view, analyze and understand system technologies on a component-level as well as a system level. Added excitement is provided through Virtual Reality where students can view and perform exercises in VR to scale!

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The VTS-200 provides the SMC ICT-200 in digital format for students to “take the physical system home with them” regardless of experience.

Students will get hands-on experience in the VTS-200 on topics such as:

  1. Lock-out / Tag-out
  2. Disconnects
  3. Power Supplies
  4. Pushbuttons
  5. Selector Switches
  6. Indicators
  7. Relays
  8. Non-Reversing and Reversing Starters
  9. Timers
  10. Limit Switches
  11. Proximity Sensors
  12. Photo Sensors
  13. Programmable Controllers
  14. AC Variable Speed Drives
  15. DC Variable Speed Drives
  16. Troubleshooting Controls

This experience in the mobile app is invaluable for students in adding an excitement factor to their training, while also speeding up lab time and student comfort with the physical technologies.

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