The HC-TK1000S has all the features of our HC-TK500 Test Kit with the added bonus of the Serviceman Plus hand-held digital meter, a load-cell with integral safety relief valve, and a flow turbine that reads flow from 7.8 to 156 GPM (30 to 590.5 Lpm). The HC-TK1000S comes equipped with a load-cell with safety relief valve because we have your safety in mind. This unique feature removes the risks associated with testing fixed-displacement pumps and single-rod, double-acting cylinders. The Serviceman Plus gives you the power to monitor pressure, peak pressure, and flow (via pressure transducers and flow turbine) in one compact, rugged unit. Our HC-TK1000 Test Kit is a must for anyone servicing, maintaining and troubleshooting hydraulic systems and components.

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The HC-TK1000S test kit includes:

  • Serviceman Plus digital hand-held tester.
    • Lightweight.
    • Large back-lit display.
    • Scan rate: 1ms.
    • Automatic sensor recognition.
    • Reads flow and pressure.
    • Auto power off.
  • (x1) Bi-directional flow turbine and adjustable load test-cell with integral safety relief valve for use with the Serviceman Plus.
    • Flow range: 7.8 to 156 GPM (30 to 590.5 Lpm).
    • Pressure rating: 5000 PSI (345 bar).
  • (x1) Pressure transducer with temperature uses an M16x2 female swivel adapter.
    • Pressure range: 0 to 8700 PSI (600 bar).
    • Temperature range: -13 to 221°F (-25 to 105°C).
  • (x2) Connecting cables (3m) for use with the above flow turbine and pressure transducer.
  • (x1) 15 GPM flow meter with load cell for low flow applications.
  • (x1) 0 to 5000 PSI (0 to 345 bar), glycerine-filled pressure gauge with direct gauge adaptor.
  • (x1) 0 to 30″ Hg (0 to -1.0 bar), glycerine-filled vacuum gauge with direct gauge adaptor – for testing critical pump inlet restriction.
  • (x1) Contact/non-contact digital hand-held tachometer with adapters.
    • Measuring range:  6 to 99,999 RPM
  • (x1) Compact, hand-held, infrared, laser thermometer.
    • Temperature range: -76 to 1022°F (-60 to 550°C).
  • (x1) 1/4″ NPT pressure test connectors.
  • (x1) 7/16″ UNF pressure test connectors.
  • (x1) 9/16″ UNF pressure test connectors.
  • (x1) M12x1.5 pressure test connectors.
  • (x1) M14x1.5 pressure test connectors.
  • (x1) M16x1.5 pressure test connectors.
  • (x1) 60″ microbore hose with M16x2 female swivel ends.
  • (x1) Microbore hose union – allows you to connect a microbore hose end to a direct gauge adaptor.
  • (x1) Thread identification kit – Helps to identify SAE, NPT, JIC, ORFS, and International threads.
  • The toughest carry case in the industry: unbreakable, lockable, watertight, corrosion-proof, dent-proof and air-tight. Built for tough field conditions.

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