Transformer Training System

We are proud to offer 2 different models of the Transformer Training System: TRX-101: Fundamental Transformer Training System TRX-201: Transformer Training System Both Transformer Training System models provide participants with the necessary hardware for students to learn through hands-on experiments in transformer connections and operation.  

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Transformers-201: Transformer Training System

The TRX-201 Transformer Training System is a self-contained tabletop or mobile unit that allows for hands-on exercises in the connection of various transformer configuration. The system includes banana jack connections that allows students to quickly connect and modify circuits for operational verification.

The system is available as a stand-alone unit, or it can be added to the IW-201 Industrial Wiring Training System for expanded functionality.


  • 3-Phase 208/120Vac Power Entry
  • Locking Fused Disconnect
  • (3) Single Phase Transformers
  • (1) Buck/Boost Transformer
  • (4) Transformer Connection Modules
  • 4mm Safety Banana Jack Connections

Topics of Learning Coverage

  • Single Phase Transformer Connections
    • Series/Series
    • Series/Parallel
    • Parallel/Parallel
    • Parallel/Series
  • Buck and Boost Transformer Connections
  • Three-Phase Transformer Connections
    • Wye (Star)/Wye (Star)
    • Delta/Delta
    • Wye (Star)/Delta
    • Delta/Wye (Star)

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