SMC Mechatronics + Industry 4.0 Learning System (M&I-400)

The newest training system for developing skills in both Mechatronics and Industry 4.0 technologies.  SMC’s M&I-400 is a learning system designed for training on industrial technologies in mechatronics and industry 4.0, while being incredibly attractive and visually appealing. The industrial system makes it easy for students to attain industry’s most needed skills through exciting and practical activities, while also attracting students to learn these skills and technologies. Projects and activities can be carried out that motivate students to explore Industry 4.0 concepts and technologies while also learning important fundamental concepts related to Mechatronics. SMC’s M&I-400 emulates a highly automated factory, where different types of products are produced, packed and shipped. The M&I-400 training system makes it possible to work on advanced and connected manufacturing concepts. This system is aligned with SMC’s Industrial Certification Pathway for Industry 4.0.

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The SMC Mechatronics + Industry 4.0 Learning System (M&I-400) is the most state-of-the-art mechatronics and industry 4.0 system to be offered at this compact footprint.

Its modular nature allows the user to configure the system that best suits their needs, also enabling staggered growth over time (more stations to come!).  Starting from an initial basic configuration, a subsequent expansion is possible, adding new work stations and, therefore, new technologies.

The M&I-400 training equipment offers a professional training experience that matches the industrial reality, where all the components are of standardized use in the industry. The M&I-400 is a flexible system that allows the user to customize certain parameters, such as the range of controller used.

M&I-400 System Layout

SMC’s M&I-400 training system has two work areas: the assembly area & the logistics area.

• ASSEMBLY: The assembly process is made up of 9 sequential stations. During this process, the container is supplied, as well as the different fillings, smart or basic. As well as this, the capping, quality inspection and storage of the product takes place.

“Pick to Light” Station – The M&I-407 corrections station is included in the assembly process. It’s a guided correction station, with manual interaction, where PTL (Pick / Put to Light) technology is used.

• LOGISTICS: The logistics block is made up of 2 stations, also sequential, the packing station and the dispatch station. In this part of the process, the products can be packed in secondary packaging and then dispatched along the different ramps.

M&I-400 Advanced Manufacturing “Products” Batch Size: 1

Gone are the days of Henry Ford’s Mass Production Motto: “Any Color…As Long as it’s Black.”

The SMC M&I-400’s use of Multiple Product Types and Product Colors creates an endless number of possible configurations.

  1. Content Type: smart (iProduct) or basic.
  2. Smart Content Settings: color definition (6 options available).
  3. Basic Content Settings: number of fillings to include (none, 1 or 2 heights).
  4. Cap Color: white, blue, black or no cap.
  5. Secondary Packaging: Possibility of packing the product in a box.

M&I-MES Management Execution System Software

The M&I-MES allows the user to control and manage the M&I-400 system, including the storing and monitoring of all process data. It is structured in four blocks: management, movement, supervision and administration.

Management Module

The Management Module allows you to manage resources and send orders to the system. There are different functions within this module:

  • Order Management: allows you to create, view, edit, and delete orders in the M&I-400 system. You can send different types of orders:
    • MTS (Make to stock),
    • MTO (Make to order),
    • Expedition – shipping or a combination of MTO and shipping.
  • Product Management: allows you to create different products, choosing between the existing raw material options, as well as naming the product created.
  • Customer Management: allows you to create, view, edit and delete the customers that have placed orders in the M&I-400 system.
  • Dispatcher: this is the function in charge of sending orders. The disturbance configuration will be selected from this function if the M&I-405 station is available.
  • Warehouses: M&I-400 has 2 warehouse-type stations. From this function, both warehouses will be displayed and can be edited, as well as making it possible to select the warehouse filling policy if both stations are available.

Movement Module

This module defines the physical layout and allows you to view the status of the system. There are different functions within this module:

  • Physical Layout: allows you to define the physical layout of the stations, activating those that are available.
  • System Status: this feature allows you to view the status of each station. You can monitor when a station is in use or on alert, find out if the stations are connected, the work in progress and change the operating mode of the system.

Supervision Module

This module monitors the alarms and the traceability of the orders. There are different functions within this module:

  • Tracking: allows you to view the progress and tracking of customer orders, manufacturing and shipping orders, and products, both in real time and in order history.
  • Notifications: this is an alarm and notifications manager. It notifies the user, in real time, of an alarm and also saves a history of notifications with data on resolution times, product being manufactured related to the alarm, etc.

Administration Module

This module allows you to edit the data of the user that you are working with in the management software.

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