MF102 + Troubleshooting + Student Tracking

This model of the flagship training system from the Fluid Power Training Institute (MF102-H-TSE) includes all 40-hours of training possible on the base model plus an additional 40-hours of possible training in troubleshooting and a touchscreen PC with integrated student eLearning and the ability to track student performance as they attempt to diagnose problems. The MF102-H-TSE features unparalleled craftsmanship, proudly designed and built in the United States, and is available as either a single-sided or double-sided trainer.   See full description and optional add-on modules below.

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The MF102-H-TSE is a brilliant foundation building training system that is masterfully crafted to help students connect the dots. Pascal’s Law, inertia, power, resistance, pressure differential, series, parallel – theory, it’s all so confusing if the students can’t apply it, yet it’s the very foundation upon which their knowledge of hydraulics is built. In addition to teaching basic to advanced hydraulic concepts through hands-on training, the MF102-H-TSE offers up to 40-hours of hands-on training in troubleshooting using a component performance testing technology you’ll only find on FPTI training systems.

PLUS, using the side-mounted touchscreen PC, you can automatically track student activity to determine whether they understand how to effectively diagnose a problem or are just “replacing parts” at random until a solution is found.

Optional add-on modules:*


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*Optional add-on modules can be purchased at a later date and swapped out easily as needed.


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