Hand Tools Fundamentals Training Bench

DAKTIC’s Hand Tools Fundamentals Training System is a versatile foundational training package key to careers in the modern Construction industry. Paired with hands-on lab activities, this courseware will help to teach students fundamental concepts in measurement, cutting, power tools, fasteners, hand tools, material handling, workplace and soft skills, etc. The optional workbench provides additional storage capabilities and doubles as a student activity platform.

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The Fundamental Hands Tools Training System will provide students with foundational hand tools training and basic assembly skills through hands-on activities and exploration.

  • Hand Tools HAN-101
  • Electrical Hand Tools ELE-206
  • Tool and Machine Safety SAF-107
  • Tools Used in Composite Manufacturing – Rollers and Sweeps CMP-2018
  • Electrical Hand Tools – Hand Tools for Electrical Wiring ELE-2018
  • Hand Tools – Files, Hand Reamers, and Lapping Tools HAN-2001
  • Hand Tools – Hammers, Punches, and Chisels HAN-2002
  • Hand Tools – Pliers and Ratchets HAN-2003
  • Hand Tools – Scribes, Optical Center Finders, and Drill Blocks HAN-2004
  • Hand Power Tools – Pistol Grip Drills POW-2001
  • Tool and Machine Safety – Hand Tool Safety SAF-1027
  • Tool and Machine Safety – Power Tool Safety

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