Conveyor and Logistics Automation Training System

The Conveyor and Logistics Automation Training System with Troubleshooting is our industrial training solution for school and companies looking for practical and realistic hands-on training activities in areas such as Maintenance, Troubleshooting, and Programming of industrial automation technologies commonly seen in warehouses, logistics settings, and industrial automation factories. The mobile and modular system includes choices of PLC controller, Variable Frequency Drive, HMI’s, and conveyors. Conveyors stations can include: flatbed slider belt conveyors, roller bed belt conveyors, powered roller conveyor, plastic mesh conveyor, and more. Up to 32 Troubleshooting Faults can be incorporated so students can troubleshoot and repair faulted components.

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Boxes are sorted according to size via a series of sensors and pneumatic actuators.

Palletizing Robot Stations featuring Universal Robots, ABB Robots, Fanuc, Kuka, or Omron can be added.

Mobile Robots AMRs can be added to feed/retrieve boxes or move pallets.

Learning Competencies

Students can perform standard maintenance operations, both preventative and corrective maintenance in accordance with industry standards.

  • Students can program all PLC programs and calibrate all sensors, devices, and VFDs.
  • Students can wire control cabinet and devices.
  • Students can troubleshoot all devices after instructor inserts disturbance via fault insertion.
  • Students can program all robots (optional) to palletize boxes.
  • Students can replace, repair, lubricate and maintain all system conveyors.

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