DAKTIC Wind Energy Simulator Suite

This new release of DAKTIC Wind Energy Suite, produced in partnership with ACM SL, includes the following four simulators, each with corresponding tutorials:
  • SCADA for Control Centers in Wind Farms
  • Dual Speed Active Stall Wind Turbine
  • Rotor Resistance Controller (RRC)
  • Doubly Fed Induction Generator (DFIG)
These simulators conform a learning path for the training of the personnel involved in the commissioning, operation and maintenance of Wind Farms. They are designed with the idea of providing comprehensive understanding of how each of the elements inside a Wind Turbine works, and how they work together. Another important feature is the ability to observe, in real time, the evolution of key variables inside the machine. Many of these variables are not observable in a real Wind Turbine, but are very helpful for a comprehensive understanding of the behavior of these machines. Click here for a PDF guide detailing the latest version.

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These simulators help prepare personnel to commission, operate, and maintain wind farms by demonstrating how each wind turbine element works, and how each element works together.

This objective is achieved through interfaces patterned after actual SCADA and wind turbine controllers combined with graphic displays unique to the Wind Energy Suite. These allow trainees to observe, in real time, the evolution of key variables inside the machine. And by including many variables beyond those observable in real wind turbine operation, the Wind Energy Suite does more to create a comprehensive understanding of these machines than training in the field.

Each simulator in the Wind Energy Suite also includes ad hoc Teaching Sessions that guide the student through their learning path. These simulate real life situations ranging from normal to extreme operating conditions and present trainees with challenging system malfunctions, including failures in the pitch mechanism, yawing system, and hydraulic braking system.


  • Doubly-Fed Induction Generator with Back-to-Back Converter
  • Operational Curves for Variable Speed Wind Turbines

These easy-to-use optional upgrades now tackle the difficult concepts involved in the reaction to wind gusts with the RRC Simulator and detail the sophisticated behavior found in the DFIG wind turbines.

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