4-Station Flexible Manufacturing System i4o

The best just got better with this incredible training from SMC! The FMS-200 Special Edition Industry 4.0 takes the most popular industrial advanced mechatronics training system on the market and combines it with advanced Industry 4.0 technologies for real-world, skills-driven training for industry. The 4-Station Configuration brings classrooms a compact and expandable solution for hands-on Industry 4.0 training with built-in troubleshooting. Students will get industry-relevant hands-on training around the crucial skills demanded by manufacturing and industry. Industrial manufacturing skills student expect to receive include automation processes, safety, PLC programming, Distributed IO, smart devices, artificial vision, and more!

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The FMS-200 Special Edition Industry 4.0 takes the most popular industrial advanced mechatronics training system on the market and combines it with advanced Industry 4.0 technologies for real-world skills-driven training.

Each station of the FMS-200 Special Edition i4o performs a specific task that as a whole assembles a functional part/product. To provide the system with greater flexibility, stations adapt to a wide variety of products, introducing variations in the materials, colors and part sizes. The combination of all these possibilities means that a total of 98 different products can be obtained enabling the use of production management strategies commonly found in Industry 4.0 industries, where batch-size of 1 is crucial.


– Industry 4.o Fundamentals and Processes

– Industrial Communications and Protocols

– Industry 4.o Design, Layouts, and Contextual Organization/Structure

– Management Execution Software (FMeS4.0)

– PLC Programming and Structuring

– Operating Modes

– Material Flow

– Distributed I/O

– Identification Systems (RFID)

– Smart Sensors and IO-Link

– Integrated Systems Troubleshooting

Management Execution System (MES) Software

FMeS4.0 is the web-based, multi-user management software for the FMS-200 SE I4.0 teaching system. This software allows the user to control and manage the system by storing and monitoring all the process-related data. It is arranged in four blocks: management, movement, supervision and administration, with a variety of functions.

1. User Management: configure the data for the user who started the session.

2. Physical Layout: inform the software of the system’s physical layout.

3. System Status: check the status of each station.

4. Order management: log production and dispatch orders. Manufacturing orders may be intended for customers or for stock.

5. Dispatcher: filter and launch different order types.

6. Warehouse: information on the warehouse status, as well as the corresponding details regarding the stored products.

7. Tracking: track orders and products.

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