Industry 4.0

The skills needed by students, technicians, and engineers to be successful in today’s data-drenched, networked, and rapidly evolving industries.

SMC Certified I4.0 Specialist (CI4S)

Introducing the most comprehensive Industry 4.0 pathway available on the market. The Certified Industry 4.0 Specialist (Ci4S™) certification from SMC includes topics and micro credentials from all SMC Specialist Areas, Ci4S™ learners are expected to attain skills in Industry 4.0, Automation, Fluid Power, Mechanical, Robotics, and Mechanical.

Completion of this credential indicates satisfactory skill verification required to install, maintain, troubleshoot, and repair Industry 4.0 and associated integrated systems.

The Ci4S™ Certificate is achieved by completing the underlying technician credentials and demonstrating mastery via written and hands-on skills assessments. The following list indicates the technician level credentials along with a description of each.

Certification Overview

Preparing technicians at every level

Introduces individuals to the fundamentals of industry 4.0 concepts and its role in present day industrial operations. This includes a study of IO Link protocol along with its use for smart sensors, valves, and actuators.

  • Industry 4.0 Fundamentals
  • IO Link Communications
  • Smart Sensor Technology
  • Smart Valve Technology
  • Smart Actuator Technology
  • Digital Twin Basics

Expands on the topics of level I to discuss identification systems such as bar code, near field and RFID technologies. The study continues with an overview of electrical actuators and motion systems along with communication protocols to provide advanced functionality and connectivity between systems.

  • Identification Systems
  • Electrical Actuators / Motion
  • Communication Protocols
  • Cybersecurity Fundamentals
  • Energy Conservation Analytics

Continues the skills development of previous topics from Level I and II by introducing a fully functional basic I4.0 system and associated components. It explores manufacturing execution systems and augmented reality concepts as it relates to I4.0

  • MES Systems
  • Augmented Reality
  • I4o Applications and APIs
  • System Data Analytics

Further expands on the study of I4.0 to include an advanced I4.0 system and applications containing various integrated technologies. Additionally, this includes a study of troubleshooting and diagnostic procedures for maintaining these advanced technologies.

  • Advanced Industry 4.0 Applications
  • Troubleshooting i4o
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • CyberSecurity II
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Training from The World's Largest Automation Manufacturer

Founded in 1959 in Tokyo, Japan, SMC Corporation today employs over 21,600 talented employees in over 80 countries worldwide. They began with pneumatics solutions and have evolved to become industry’s top automation manufacturer with a comprehensive equipment portfolio.


SMC solutions are used by the biggest names worldwide
The SMC Difference

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All SMC International Training products are complete with all learning materials for successful implementation in the classroom and/or lab. All training systems include user manuals, activity guides, and access to wiring, electrical, and mechanical schematics, in addition to complete PLC programs and diagrams.

SMC curriculum is designed to meet you at your level, with as much hand-holding as necessary, and take you to our standard: industry.

All SMC Training Systems are made up entirely of industrial components and systems.

As the global leader in such technologies, it is likely that the components your students use on our training systems will in fact be the same technologies and components they see when they enter the workforce.

Our reference is industry.

From Industry. For Industry.

SMC Training Systems and associated Curriculum are designed to be aligned with most industry-recognized credentials, including SMC’s Industrial Certification Pathway for Industry 4.0, and all associated micro-credentials.

Our skills-centered approach to technical training means each course can be cross-walked and aligned with industry-validated micro-credentials.

A Wholistic Approach to Certification

Ci4S™ is the most encompassing certification available on the SMC Industry Certification Pathway.

SMC M&I-400

SMC’s M&I-400 system is designed for training on industrial technologies in both mechatronics and industry 4.0.

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M&I-400 Training TOPICS

Preparing Technicians at Every Level

The SMC SIF-400 Smart Innovative Factory includes Industrial Robots from your choice of industrial manufacturer for real-world, industrially-relevant training. Choose robots from global leaders such as ABB, Fanuc, Omron, Kuka, Denso, and others. Students get hands-on training in in industrial robotics.

Collaborative Robots are here for good. The M&I-400 utilizes a market-leading collaborative robot from Universal Robots to carry out various tasks in accordance with both Industry 4.0 and Industry 5.0 concepts and technologies.

Autonomous robots, also known as Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGVs), are a key revolution in the way products and good are transported throughout Smart Factories. SMC’s Smart Factory Training System utilizes industry-leading autonomous robots learners will develop important Industry 4.0 skills, including how to program an autonomous robot to travel between stations to deliver necessary items on a precise schedule.