A family-run company for over 70 years, EMCO produces precision turning and milling machines trusted by top manufacturers the world over.


Whether in the automotive-industry or medical technology for apprenticeship or industrial training, the concept behind EMCO Industrial Training provides the best possible conditions for successful training. It is based on a modular principle which can easily be adapted to the needs and requirements of particular companies and partners.

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The concept of the interchangeable control is unique: the user can be trained to use different CNC controls commercially available in the industry on one single machine. People who have trained on EMCO machines are then able to work on almost any CNC machine in a wide range of companies.

All that is needed to change to a different control unit is to start up the appropriate software and change the control-unit-specific keyboard module, which takes just a minute. In this way, up to nine controls can be taught on one single machine from the Concept range. Of course, EMCO Industrial Training is also constantly working on new WinNC control units, so that Concept machines can continue to be upgraded quickly and easily with the latest CNC controls.

In times of intense competition and a shortage of skilled workers, this is a great advantage; not just for future specialists, but also for businesses. As well as opening up a wide range of professional opportunities and perspectives for CNC technicians, this creates a pool of expertly trained staff that companies can draw upon, regardless of the machines and control systems used.


Teach the basics of machining on the conventional EMCOMAT machines and advanced topics on the Concept machines.

Highest precision in the lowest space requirements

Flexibility is one of EMCO’s top priorities, as is the flexibility of its machines: The EMCO Concept TURN and the EMCOMAT series are best suited for CNC training and for manufacturing precision workpieces at the same time. With their modular construction, the EMCO machine tools can be easily adapted to meet virtually every need.


Teach the basics of machining on the conventional EMCOMILL FB/C machines and advanced topics on the Concept machines.​

Flexible applications down to the smallest detail

Whether used for training purposes or for manufacturing small series – the Concept MILL and EMCOMAT FB series are designed to effortlessly master this balancing act.

The modular concept of the machines offers users a vast playing field for adapting the machines to their individual requirements.