Making Lemonade Out of COVID Lemons

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As you can see from the video above, DAKTIC customers like Eric Rubio are in a much better position to teach CTE remotely under the current COVID-19 distanced learning restrictions. This video features the ConsuLab Air Brake Driving Simulator and a variety of trainers we offer from the Fluid Power Training Institute. You’ll also see the ConsuLab HV lighting and CAN Bus trainers in the background, which also make it easy to teaching on Zoom more engaging.

Eric is the instructor other school districts look to for advise when they’re opening a program. And with good reason: he’s happy to share his enthusiasm, expertise, and industry experience to the table, and he’s managed to build a shop that is immaculate, well-lit, and filled with effective training solutions. We’re proud to work with him, and are grateful for the support he’s given us in recent years. For more ideas on how to teach automotive and heavy vehicle using the equipment you already have in your shop, check out the free Distributed Learning Video Series ConsuLab produced when the pandemic struck.