COVID HEER ESSER Funds Demystified

How to Make a Lasting Impact with the Education Stabilization Fund

the money's all gone?!

Imagine someone handed you millions of dollars and told you to spend it responsibly. Would you send a mass email to everyone on campus telling them it was all up for grabs? If you’ve been told COVID funds are all gone, there’s reason to believe the funds have merely been loosely budgeted and could be moved around if you submit a compelling proposal with our help.

Funding Guidelines

How can you use COVID funds?

“These funds can be used for any allowable use of funds under other federal education programs, including the Every Student Succeeds Act, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, Adult Education and Family Literacy Act, and the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act.”

Association for Career and Technical Education CTE Policy Watch

Where do you start?

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Find Your Fund

Whether you need ESSER funds for K-12 or HEER funds for colleges, this video will help you find what’s available in your district.

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Build a Wishlist

You can use COVID relief funds for everything you usually buy with Perkins Funds – let us know what you need and we’ll help you get it.

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Request our help

We’ll help you draft up a competitive funding proposal that details how your wishlist items align with the COVID-19 funding guidelines.


Eric Rubio has been using our training systems to help his heavy vehicle students thrive in a distanced learning environment. Check out the feature story his school district produced to showcase his success.

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now available in the western states

browse all states on the official reporting site


ESSER Fund = $4 Billion
Spent 29.8%
HEER Fund = $1.5 Billion
Spent 84.1%


ESSER Fund = $23 Billion
Spent 30%
HEER Fund = $10 Billion
Spent 80.3%


ESSER Fund = $1.8 Billion
Spent 30.7%
HEER Fund = $983 Million
Spent 89.6%


ESSER Fund = $684 Million
Spent 31.2%
HEER Fund = $242 Million
Spent 93.6%


ESSER Fund = $593 Million
Spent 26.6%
HEER Fund = $233 Million
Spent 80.1%

New Mexico

ESSER Fund = $1.5 Billion
Spent 21.4%
HEER Fund = $451 Million
Spent 83.9%


ESSER Fund = $1.7 Billion
Spent 20.9%
HEER Fund = $407 Million
Spent 83.4%


ESSER Fund = $1.7 Billion
Spent 25.8%
HEER Fund = $782 Million
Spent 88.7%


ESSER Fund = $958 Million
Spent 25%
HEER Fund = $764 Million
Spent 80.1%


ESSER Fund = $2.9 Billion
Spent 36.4%
HEER Fund = $1.3 Billion
Spent 86.7%


ESSER Fund = $472 Million
Spent 21.8%
HEER Fund = $83 Million
Spent 90.5%

All States

ESSER Fund = $1.8 Billion
Spent 30.7%
HEER Fund = $982 Million
Spent 89.6%