ConsuLab training systems provide the fastest route to success for automotive, heavy vehicle, and ag mechanics students preparing for rapidly changing industries.

oem training tools Driven by seasoned Educators

ConsuLab begins with OEM components found in industry today and adapts them for educational purposes by making them safer, more visible, and then adding fault insertion where possible. This philosophy helps student more rapidly develop exceptional troubleshooting skills, and their team of education specialists and engineers ensure each product represents the latest in automotive and heavy vehicle technology.

3-Tiers of Training

All ConsuLab training tools isolate transportation technology systems into bite-sized chunks so students can succeed in real-world application sooner, but these tools vary in both cost and utility and can be broken into three tiers. The tools in each tier have their place, but ConsuLab training simulators provide the greatest value and versatility with ConsuLab’s best-in-class of craftsmanship and innovation.


  • OEM Components
  • Point & look training
  • No manipulation
  • Most affordable


functional cutaways

  • OEM Components
  • Look inside
  • Some manipulation
  • System Isolation 


training simulators

  • OEM Components
  • Look inside
  • Full manipulation
  • Fault Insertion
  • Full Diagnostic Capability