Industry 4.0

  • Custom Industry 4.0 Training Solutions
    Custom Industry 4.0 Training Solutions
    At Festo we focus on the long-term benefit for the customer. For this reason, a qualified requirements analysis is performed before each CP Factory...
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  • Cyber-Physical Lab
    Cyber-Physical Lab
    The Cyber-Physical Lab is a fully-fledged Industry 4.0-learning system in a compact size to convey practical knowledge of the digitalized industrial production. Its modular...
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  • Robotino┬«
    Mobile robot platform for research and training With its omnidirectional drive, sensors, interfaces and application-specific extensions, Robotino® is equipped for universal use. The most important programming...
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  • CP Factory
    CP Factory
    CP Factory illustrates the practical implementation of digital production. This comprehensive, modular and expandable factory model for Industry 4.0 can be used to model...
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