zSpace AIO Pro

zSpace eliminates the barrier between people and content by combining elements of AR and VR to create lifelike experiences. The zSpace AIO PRO is a high performance all-in-one computer designed to run performance-heavy applications, making it an ideal station for developers, designers, and CTE schools.

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zSpace features kinesthetic realism, using familiar movements and interactions that people commonly perform. Users often do not need to even think about what they are doing in zSpace because the Tracking System reads the position of your body and responds to your movements throughout the interaction, creating a natural and comfortable experience.


With zSpace, users have the Ability to Look Around virtual objects as if they are real. The position and orientation of the objects are updated in real-time as the person moves their head, creating both a realistic and comfortable viewing experience.


With the Perception of Depth, virtual objects look real as they appear both out of and into the screen. No longer are you constrained by the screen.

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