Wave NG Welding by MIMBUS

Wave NG Welding by MIMBUS is used to train students for welder and boilermaker trades. The tool teaches and assesses the students’ skills on MAG (Metal Active Gas) and MMA (Manual Metal Arc) welding. Welding students on zSpace experience less equipment breakage and less risk of injury.

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Using zSpace, Wave NG Welding by MIMBUS provides students with hands-on training in welding gestures and MAG, through a series of exercises performed with a handheld welding simulator. Students receive multisensory training, allowing them to weld from multiple angles using their eyes, ears, and hands to master the fundamentals of welding.

Wave NG is just one of the two tools used for classroom implementation created by Mimbus.

1. Wave NG Welding by MIMBUS: The simulator application found on the zSpace System used for training

2. Vulcan: A web-based tool designed for the instructor to manage the training experience.  Vulcan is the learning management tool that will assign student user codes, training paths, and exercises. “How to: Vulcan” video coming soon! 

Wave NG Welding by MIMBUS supports the following languages: English, French.

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