Universal Refrigeration Skills Trainer

The Universal Refrigeration Skills Trainer (3420) provides hands-on training in the principles and components of universal refrigeration units. The trainer includes a hermetic compressor with a fan-cooled condenser and a vertically mounted fan-cooled evaporator built into the unit’s stainless steel cooling chamber. Two wood panels designed to accept the refrigeration and electrical components are provided.

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Supplied as a kit, the complete unit and components include a high/low pressure control, thermostat control, control valve, moisture/liquid indicators, filter dryer, low- and high-pressure gauges, liquid receiver, suction accumulator, and capillary tube.

Features & Benefits

  • Standard reusable components
  • Steel-insulated chamber with clear plastic door
  • Kit format for assembling and disassembling for training purposes
  • Heavy-duty frame with casters
  • Reversible component mounting panels for extended usage
  • Includes the following major components: hermetic condensing unit, hermetic compressor, forced-air condenser, liquid receiver, moisture/liquid indicator, filter dryer, thermo-static expansion valve, starting relay, capillary controller, temperature controller, forced-air evaporator, low-pressure controller, and high-and low-pressure gauges
  • R-134a Refrigerant
  • Estimated program duration: 30 hours

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