Do you struggle to teach truck, heavy equipment and agriculture automatic HVAC Systems? The HV-101A trainer provides demonstration of the functionality of a cab HVAC system without the extensive cost and space requirements of a full vehicle.
  • HV-101A allows system live demonstrations to entire class without access limitations of a real vehicle
  • Eliminates the need for vehicle disassembly of HVAC components to provide visual access for students
  • Trainer is ready for set up and instruction by plugging in power cords
  • Compact design, able to fit through typical doorways and is easily moved with HD casters
  • No exhaust extraction equipment required

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  • ™RedDot Automatic HVAC System
  • Digital Cabin Temperature Sensor display
  • Functioning A/C compressor and system
  • Heated circulating coolant for the heating cycle
  • OEM receiver/dryer, condenser and evaporator units for the R134a system. This includes wiring, connectors and OEM wire colors
  • A/C clear sight glasses with TXV H-Block design
  • A/C high and low pressure gauges with service ports
  • Functional dash with controls that features a breakout box for troubleshooting
  • Fault box with six individual system faults for students to troubleshoot
  • Condenser fan speed control switches to create various operating conditions
  • Variable digital temperature control


Main Components

  • HVAC under dash unit
  • A/C compressor driven by 15A, 240V electric motor
  • Coolant heater with circulating coolant pump
  • Speed controlled condenser fan
  • 120VAC/12VDC power supply for the vehicle control circuits
  • Fault box with 6 system faults
  • Functioning dash controls with breakout box
  • Emergency stop button
  • Safety shields on all rotating equipment

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