TP 501 America

The Lab-Volt Fluid Power System has been re-engineered and transferred to Festo Didactic’s Training Packages series. TP 501 America now combines the proven learning approach through object-oriented courseware from Lab-Volt  with the project-orientation from Festo Didactic.

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TP 501 America is the basic level for education in hydraulics and a prerequisite for TP 601 America, Electrohydraulics Basic Level.

TP 501 and TP 601 America support vocational training institutes in their mission to educate skilled, resourceful technicians and engineers, as ­required by the local industry.

Safe and sound system

The design of the system components ensures a high level of inherent safety.

The hydraulic hoses are equipped with leakage-free, self-sealing couplings in high-grade stainless steel that are easy on the environment and reduce contamination. The Spring Load for Cylinders  comes with a safety cover to prevent potential ­hazards when high forces are involved.

The Cylinders come with a safety ­cover, reducing the risk of injury, and include a guide for easy positioning and a tool-free quick-action mounting system.

All power pack motors are equipped with overload protection, protection against restart, and an easy-to-access emergency off button.

Pure convenience

  • Easy and precise switching of hand-lever valves.
  • Ergonomic handwheels with a high resolution allow the simple and precise setting of the flow and pressure valves.
  • Tool-free, single-hand operation with Quick-Fix mounting system.
  • The equipment trays fit exactly into the drawers in Learnline/Learntop workstations.
  • The trays are compatible with the Systainer suitcases for enhanced mobility.
  • The solid aluminum structure and profile bars can support heavy components without twisting or bending.
  • Easy and precise positioning of components along the profile groove

Training aims – TP 501 America

Introduction to Hydraulics

  • Familiarization with the Training System
  • Basic Principles of Hydraulics
  • Hydraulic Power Unit and Distribution Equipment


  • Pressure Relief Valve
  • Flow control valves
  • Flow regulating valves
  • Pressure-Reducing vales
  • Directional control valves

Basic Controls of Cylinders

  • Cylinders – Direction and Speed
  • Cylinders – Pressure and Force

Basic Hydraulic Circuits

  • Meter-in/Meter-Out Configurations
  • Securing a Load
  • Regenerative Circuit
  • Sequential Circuit

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