Safety, repeatability, space savings, fault insertion, testing and measurements, these are all part of the LV-140C solution that ConsuLab now offers to your motorcycle programs. Using the same techniques and expertise that we have developed over the past 20 years in automotive engine bench fabrication, we are now offering our service for motorcycles. We will take your supplied motorcycle (donation or purchased) and turn it into a pedagogical teaching tool. The product retains the motorcycle’s entire electrical architecture including the starting, charging, lighting, and all interlock circuits. We facilitate access to all components on the engine and transmission saving time for you and your students. We add test points to every single wire going to the electronic engine control unit. We add protective covers to all rotating components and add an emergency stop switch. The trainer retains all lighting system functions from the motorcycle. We fabricate a custom fuel cell that retains the functionality of the fuel level sending unit.

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  • The trainer is mounted on sturdy casters allowing easy transport from your shop to your class or to shows and open houses.
  • Optional manual or electronic programmable fault boxes allow you as an instructor to insert numerous faults into the system for your students to hone their diagnostic abilities, while using variable signal generation you can create numerous operating scenarios that would otherwise be impossible in a school environment.
  • The trainer retains its hydraulic brake system along with hoses and calipers.
  • The transmission, clutch, and gear selector all remain functional.
  • The drive sprocket is protected to ensure your student’s safety.
  • The kickstand is retained for teaching interlock circuits.
  • Teaching of starting and charging circuits becomes easier with access and repeatability.

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