Special Kit for Caterpillar Software with MPC

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Features and Benefits

  • Current software for Caterpillar 2003 to 2006
  • MPC (Multi-Portocol Cartridge) to run the PCMCIA with the New Caterpillar software on it
  • All the latest Caterpillar engines covered through 2003 to 2006
  • Basic features include: Read fault codes, view/reset trip data, clear fault codes and view engine data list
  • Does Bi-Directional calibrations, special tests, diagnostic tests

This is a kit to support those customers who use Caterpillar software today and they want the new software 807024 but do not have the MPC 208040 for their Pro-Link or GRAPHIQ. We put this together with a lower price to support those good customers who already have our software for Caterpillar and want the next generation. NEXIQ Technologies™ is proud to introduce the latest in fleet diagnostic solutions to help you “get it done” and get it done right—the new Pro-Link Application Card. Now, you can diagnose Cat® engines with ACERT™ Technology, using all the diagnostic features and functions you depend on with the existing Caterpillar® cartridge.

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