Rigging Training System

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Moving machines is a basic requirement for any industrial plant. With Lab-Volt’s Rigging System, students learn how to move and install machines safely. Machines that need to be moved in industrial settings are all different, since they are usually built for special applications. They have different shapes and are often asymmetrical. Their weight, which is not evenly balanced on the machine supports, can create difficulties for the rigger. Therefore riggers need to be highly skilled and qualified to move machines safely and efficiently. To help acquire these basic skills, the Lab-Volt Rigging System was created to cover the fundamentals of rigging practices, including techniques to help students move and install machines safely. The mobile beam-style gantry is designed to conform to OSHA and CMAA standards. This heavy duty, steel crane has polyurethane swivel casters with roller bearings, and pivoting support legs for easy maneuvering in tight places.

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