Refrigeration System Demonstrator

The Refrigeration System Demonstrator (3400-3) is an integrated training system for instructor demonstration and hands-on student experimentation in the fundamental principles and components of typical refrigeration systems and heat pumps. The demonstrator is designed to clearly show the different refrigerant stages within the cycles of the most common refrigeration system configurations. The Refrigeration System Demonstrator includes all the equipment required to perform the exercises contained in the courseware. Available optional equipment adds to the efficiency of the refrigeration, air conditioning, and heating training exercises.

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The training system is supported by correlated courseware employing a competency-based, individualized approach to the study of refrigeration fundamentals. The courseware consists of a training manual organized in a unit/exercise format with clearly stated objectives, and a companion instructor’s lesson planning guide.

Features & Benefits

  • Shatterproof, clear tubing sections within the evaporator and condenser coils to allow students to view refrigerant flows and changes of state
  • Clear evaporator and condenser coil enclosures
  • Four manual valves enabling reversal of refrigerant flow for heat pump demonstrations
  • Variable-speed fans and adjustable dampers to simulate changing environmental conditions
  • A multicolored, silk-screened functional panel for identification of refrigerant flow and change of state within the system
  • Six fault-insertion switches enabling demonstration of typical refrigeration system malfunctions
  • Elementary refrigeration demonstrator to identify refrigerant change of state
  • Heavy-duty steel mobile stand
  • Instrumentation including temperature meter, compound gauges, pressure gauges, circuit breakers, and indicator lamps
  • Circuit breakers and a safety pressure switch to protect the system
  • R-134a refrigerant

Topic Coverage

  • Physics Applied to Refrigeration
  • Introduction to Refrigeration
  • The Compressor
  • The Evaporator and Condenser
  • Metering Devices
  • System Control Devices
  • Introduction to Heat Pump Systems
  • Refrigeration Faults
  • Estimated program duration: 46 hours

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