Refrigeration Capstone Project

Festo designed the Refrigeration Capstone Project workstation (3424) for the 2017 Refrigeration WorldSkills competition. Contestants carried out a challenging project, while putting the workstation to the test. This workstation is now available to schools training skilled refrigeration technicians.

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This capstone project allows future refrigeration workers to practice a variety of skills necessary to fabricate, install, and commission a challenging refrigeration circuit. The project is aimed at producing ice while recovering the extracted energy to heat a water tank at a specified temperature, and then rejecting additional heat into the atmosphere through an air-cooled condenser.

The workstation is a turnkey solution that includes all the mechanical (except copper tubes) and electrical hardware as well as control devices. A set of drawings including the refrigerant flow diagram, electrical and mechanical plans is supplied. The student manual has many photos and videos to guide the student during fabrication.To help the instructor evaluate the work performed by the students, a work assessment section with a list of criteria is available for each exercise.

The system has been designed so that the project can be repeated indefinitely. Replacement parts and consumable parts packages are available as needed.

Features & Benefits

  • Turnkey solution with all required hardware (except copper tubes) and drawings
  • Project meets the strict requirements of a Worldskills competition
  • Replacement parts packages available to repeat the project multiple times
  • Multiple essential skills are put to the test with a single system
  • Mobile, safe and small workstation

Topic Coverage

  • Interpret electrical and mechanical plans, and refrigerant flow diagrams
  • Fabricate and join copper tubes according to drawings
  • Install mechanical and electrical components and do the wiring
  • Pressure-test and charge the system with refrigerant
  • Adjust the control devices so the system works to specifications

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