38 Piece Universal QUIK-LOK™ Drill and Drive Set

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Features and Benefits:

  • Universal QUIK-LOK™
  • Premium grade S2 tool steel screwdriver bits – durable composition for longer bit life
  • Titanium hex shank drill bits – long life and superior performance
  • Magnetic nut drivers – ideal for fast, easy driving of nuts, bolts and hex head screws

The 38 Piece Universal QUIK-LOK™ Drill and Drive Set provides the professional with an answer to their every day needs. The Universal QUIK-LOK™ is the only system which will "lock in" double ended bits as well as inserts bits and power groove bits. Premium grade S2 tool steel driver bits are engineered and tested to meet the highest standards for high torque applications. The titanium hex shank drill bits withstand heat during high speed use, and the titanium reduces friction which equals longer bit life. This set also includes magnetic nut drivers for use with sheet metal and other hexagonal type screws.

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