Pumps Training System

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The Lab-Volt Pumps Training System familiarizes students with pump operation principles and associated maintenance tasks. The system is divided in many subsystems to fit your teaching needs. The Basic System, Model 46106-0, introduces students with maintenance tasks such as pump installation, shaft alignment, wiring, operation, inspection, maintenance, troubleshooting, and component replacement. It also introduces students to the measurement of the pumping circuit parameters, pump characteristic curves, and how to use a variable speed drive. The system includes a bench, centrifugal pump with base and motor, variable speed drive, instruments, and tools. It also includes a transparent cover that allows observation of cavitation and air ingestion in the pump. The Multiple Pump System, Model 46106-1 are offered as indivi, introduces students to series and parallel pump configurations. Students also learn how to replace the mechanical seal of a C-face centrifugal pump. The Second Drive Option, Model 46106-2, permits the simultaneous operation of two pumps at different speeds. A wide variety of pumpsdual options. The pumps that can be added to the Pumps Training System correspond to the most common types found in industry, and are shown in a chart in the following pages. Students are introduced to the use, characteristics, and maintenance of each pump by disassembling the pump, and by measuring operating parameters.

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