Process Control Training System

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The Lab-Volt Process Control Training System, Model 6090, familiarizes students with the fundamentals of instrumentation and process control. It demonstrates the control of pressure, flow, level, temperature, and pH processes. It can also demonstrate advanced process control techniques, such as second-order control, and cascade control when used with a controller featuring these functions. The basic trainer demonstrates PID (proportional, integral, derivative) control of flow, pressure, and level processes. It comes with a variable-speed pump, a tank, a column, two-way valves, pressure gauges, flexible hoses, a venturi tube, an orifice plate, a rotameter, a paddle wheel flow transmitter, and a differential pressure transmitter. A work surface, consisting of a solid-metal perforated plate hinged to a drip tray, provides a large area (that can be laid flat or tilted to a 45E angle) on which components can be mounted. Additional work area can be added with the expanding work surface provided. Mounting and removal of the components are made especially easy with push-lock fasteners that snap effortlessly into the perforations of the work surface. The components can be interconnected by means of flexible hoses equipped with garden-type fittings that permit easy and fast component connections without the use of tools. The hose fittings contain check valves to prevent water from running out of the hoses when they are disconnected.

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