25 Ton Capacity Heavy Duty Oil Filter Crusher

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Features and Benefits:

  • Handles the big filters (up to 6" diameter and 12-1/2" long) found in trucks, construction equipment, farm implements, etc.
  • Crushes filters to 1/4 of original size, removing up to 95 percent of filter’s oil capacity
  • Automatic cycle feature: load the filter, push a button, and walk away
  • Air/hydraulic pump works on standard shop air (requires 9 CFM at 100 psi)
  • Built-in floor stand (completely assembled)

If your shop concentrates on heavy-duty service, our 25-ton heavy-duty filter crusher is right for you.  It can be used for automotive and light truck filters as well as the big filters.  Features a special valve to return the ram automatically. No electrical connections needed. Whole unit requires just 5 square feet of floor space. This is also covered by the OTC Lifetime Marathon Warranty.

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