The LV-1918 Motorcycle Lighting and Accessory Systems Trainer contains OEM system components (application varies) mounted on modular plastic plates – called Moduponents® – where the student completes all of the system wiring. The trainer is built to help the student evolve from building basic circuits to more complex electrical troubleshooting. Due to the fact that the trainer is fully modular, additional Moduponents® can be added to follow technical evolutions in motorcycle and light vehicle industry. The trainer is mounted single- or double-sided to allow more than one group of students to work simultaneously on the trainer. A built-in regulated and protected 12 power supply and fault box is included with the trainer for each side. Meets CSA/UL safety requirements.

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  • Students can build a complete motorcycle lighting or accessories circuit and simulate a switched-off immobilizer
  • The trainer can provide multiple student work stations accessible from either side
  • Lighting and accessory systems respond to inserted faults (12) with real world symptoms
  • OEM components mounted on Moduponents®.

Application: The motorcycle model will vary
Each trainer side contains:

  • One (1) LV-1918-01A Front Lights Moduponent®
  • One (1) LV-1918-02A, Control Panel Moduponent®
  • One (1) LV-1918-03A, Rear Lights Moduponent®
  • One (1) LV-1918-10, Stand with lockable storage box
  • One (1) LV-1918-11, 120VAC to 12VDC CSA/UL approved power supply
  • One (1) LV-1918-12A, Set of sixty (60) jumping wires
  • One (1) 120VAC/12VDC power supply, lockable storage draw and test lead storage rack
  • One (1) HD frame with four HD casters (two fixed and two swivel w/locks) (same for both sides)


The LV-1918-01A Front Lights Moduponent® includes the following components:

  • Two (2) amber turn lights
  • One (1) combined high and low beam headlight
  • One (1) horn buzzer
  • One (1) relay
  • One (1) flasher
  • One (1) cooling fan thermo-switch
  • One (1) radiator fan (simulated)
  • One (1) left turn signal indicator lamp
  • One (1) right turn signal indicator lamp
  • One (1) side stand indicator lamp
  • One (1) neutral indicator lamp
  • One (1) high beam indicator lamp
  • Yellow, red and black terminals


The LV-1918-02A, Control Panel Moduponent® includes the following components:

  • One (1) left handlebar switch with:
    – One (1) horn button
    – One (1) turn signal button
    – One (1) dimmer button
  • One (1) right handlebar switch with:
    – One (1) starter button
    – One (1) engine stop button
  • One (1) key ignition switch with terminals
  • One (1) clutch switch with terminals
  • One (1) flash to pass button with terminals
  • One (1) hazard button with terminals
  • One (1) neutral switch with terminals
  • Three (3) control diodes with terminals
  • One (1) side stand switch with terminals
  • One (1) front brake switch with terminals
  • One (1) rear brake switch with terminals
  • One (1) power on indicator lamp
  • Six (6) fuses (1-10A and 5-5A) with terminals
  • Yellow, red and black terminals


The LV-1918-03A, Rear Lights Moduponent® includes the following components:

  • Two (2) ignition coils (simulated) with LED (light emitting diode) indicator lamp
  • One (1) crank position sensor (simulated)
  • One (1) starter (simulated) with test point
  • One (1) engine running indicator lamp
  • One (1) fault insertion box w/ 12 faults including locking key
  • One (1) ignition control module with terminals and fuses
  • One (1) relay
  • One (1) stop lamp
  • One (1) license plate lamp
  • One (1) power indicator lamp
  • Two (2) amber turn signal lamps with test points
  • Yellow, red and black terminals

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