Stinger 1,000 Lb. Capacity High Lift Transmission Jack

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Features and Benefits:

  • Universal saddle tilts front to back and side to side; features adjustable corner brackets and safety chain for optimum positioning of the load
  • Flash-chromed rams inhibit rust from entering the hydraulic system
  • Foot-operated pump and lowering pedal for ease of control when positioning or removing a transmission
  • Wide leg base with 4" polyurethane swivel wheels that provide stability and easy maneuvering (brakes on two of the wheels)
  • Safety overload system to prevent jack from being used beyond its rated capacity

Remove and install transmissions, fuel tanks, transfer cases and axle assemblies easily with this transmission jack. Height in low position, 34-7/16"; maximum height: 71-5/8", maximum forward tilt: 24 degree, maximum backward tilt: 19 degree, maximum side tilt either side: 20 degrees. 2-year Limited Warranty. Meets ANSI-Pald specifications.

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