IQV12-301 Cordless Combo Kit

IQV12-301 Cordless Combo Kit

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Features and Benefits:

  • IRTW1130 3/8" 12V Impactool™
  • IRTR1120 1/4" 12V Ratchet: Compact and durable motor delivers up to 30 ft-lb of torque and the ability to handle additional manual torquing when needed
  • IRTD1410 1/4" 12V Screwdriver
  • IRTBL1203 12V r2.0 Battery (Qty 2) and IRTBLC1110 12V Charger

The Ingersoll Rand Automotive 3-pc Cordless Combo Kit includes the IQv12 3/8" Drive Cordless Impactool, 1/4" Drive Cordless Ratchet Bare Tool, 1/4" Cordless Screwdriver Bare Tool, (2) BL1203 Batteries, (1) BC1110 12v Charger and an IR tool bag.  The Ingersoll Rand BL1203 IQV12 series battery powers all of the cordless tools you need. That means all of the IQV12 tools you own can share batteries, making it easier and faster to have a freshly charged battery ready to Do the Job, Do it Fast, and Do it Every Time.


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